Sheena+Vincent Pullman Phuket arcadia naithon beach

NAITHON BEACH the place where there is crystal clear beach and white sand. It’s one of the most beautiful sunset and sunrise location in Phuket. These are the reasons why we vote that it is a amazing shoot shooting location for honeymoon session, pre-wedding session in Phuket. From my own side I think here is the best beach in Phuket, because here can stay from the morning until after dinner, amazing sunset and different restaurants along the beachside. We can guarantee that if we go Naithon beach for your photo shooting you gonna got the impression of sunset in Phuket like Sheena and Vincent for sure. For these chance I would like to to thank Sheena and Vincent to come and make my day!!!

I love photograp, and so excited every to meet new freinds from around the world.


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